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The Spanish leader in labels in 2014-15 has invested more than 6 million euros. Enólogos Magazine

The Spanish leader in labels in 2014/2015 has invested over 6 million euros.

In 2012 Grupo Argraf, S.A. merged its three family companies in the search for excellence in all its operations.

The company is located in the heart of the Rioja winemaking area. It covers 10,000 square metres, employs 126 people and has an annual turnover of more than 21 million euros.

The group is mainly dediated to the wine label sector, with around 850 million units (both glueable and self-adhesive) and a market share of 22% in Spain. It also manufactures around 2,000 million labels for the canned vegetables, fish and chocolates sectors, holding the leading position in the Spanish labels market for the second successive year.


Grupo Argraf, S.A. specialises in beautifying and innovating in the field of wine labels. To do this, it has... the biggest printing machinery pool (13 machines), using hot or cold stamping (15 machines) and finishing machines for varnishes, overprinting, UVI, gloss or matte lamination, silk screening, etc...

Its facility is also equipped to cut, die cut and give the best shape to each of its clients’ labels.

The best presentation

Grupo Argraf has developed the best product presentations, with a greater design component, better and different papers, more inks, more stamping (in gold, silver, bronze…), more embossing, more finishes and designs that are more differentiated and imaginative overall, and also more competitive.


All wine labels need imagination and design to achieve a product that stands out from the others and really appeals to the consumer. Fourteen years ago, Grupo Argraf began to make self-adhesive labels to complement its range of glueable labels and adapt to the new demand for self-adhesive labels. Since then, it has invested in eleven 8-colour printing machines, and the company has grown fastest in this type of labels in Spain. 2014 and 2015 were the years of highest investment in machinery in the company's history, with over 6 million euros for an 8-colour flat offset printing machine and two 6-colour web offset machines and 7-colour web flexographic machines. Its latest-generation technology, specialisation in wine labels within the graphic arts sector, and business and financial solidity have enabled the company to look to the future by surpassing growth forecasts and strengthening itself in general.